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Project Meeting

RECALL first-year review meeting

Figure 1: RECALL Logo

It has been more than a year since the project’s kick off in November 2013. On January 7, 2015, RECALL had it’s first-year project review meeting. The meeting took place at the University of Lancaster, where RECALL researchers from the all four sites gathered together to present our first-year results to the reviewers.

Most of the team members arrived in Lancaster already a day early, to spend all of January 6 preparing the meeting. Meeting preparations included a full dry run of the presentations and demos, as well as poster printing and handouts preparations. Continue reading RECALL first-year review meeting

The “RECALL House” Experiment

The small hostel in the Lake District that we took over for our "RECALL House" experiment
The small hostel in the Lake District that we took over for our “RECALL House” experiment

Last month we organized an internal 3-day event for gathering experience on how comprehensive imagery life-logging works, both from a technical point of view as well as from a participant’s point of view. From May 20-23 the Lancaster team rented a small hostel up in the Lake District, UK, for us, and lugged up plenty of food and technical equipment to keep us busy (and well fed) during the three days. The advantage of this rural setting was that we could rent the entire hostel for the team, hence minimizing the chances that other guests would be caught on one of our many cameras. Our only outside contact was a lady that brought us light luncheons each day, as well as the hostel owner who checked us in the first day. Each site brought different capturing devices, thus transforming the hostel into “RECALL House” — an instrumented environment (a very much simplified version of the MIT PlaceLab if you will) geared towards capturing imaging data from all participants during most of our waking hours. Continue reading The “RECALL House” Experiment

Recall Quarterly Meeting

The Recall project team held their first quarterly meeting in Stuttgart. At this meeting the team focused on developing a series of scenarios that could be used to motivate Recall in subsequent papers and on creating a series of plans for research probes that can be trialled over the next six months. We hope to be able to report on these trials in the coming months.

Recall Kick-Off Event

The Recall Project kick-off took place in Lancaster this week. The two day meeting included a series of fascinating “primers” on various aspects of Recall technology. These primers were all videoed and will be used to help educate new members of the Recall team. The videos covered topics as diverse as Psychology’s  contemporary memory theories, ethical research and technologies for ambient information presentation.