RECALL presenting at Psychonomics Conference

Psychologists on the RECALL team, Prof Geoff Ward and Dr Cathleen Cortis (University of Essex) recently presented findings from RECALL trials at the International Meeting of the Psychonomics Society in Granada, Spain on the 5th-8th May 2016 – see The Psychonomics Society is one of the largest North American conferences for cognitive psychology, and the society organises an annual North American conference and occasional international events.

This year, the RECALL team were invited to be involved in a symposium organised by Prof Bob Logie on Digital Memories, where we met the EU ForgetIT project, and a number of inter-disciplinary presentations – see

We reported that real world autobiographical memories do not behave exactly like semantic categories, although the effects of retrieval practice and retrieval induced forgetting can be observed, so long as participants are required to think back to the original learning event. We discussed these results within the possibility an end of day “intelligent review” in which the “highlights” of the day together with capture data from earlier events are re-presented to augment later recall of to-be-remembered practiced items, and decrease accessibility to to-be-forgotten events that are related to those that are reviewed.