Monthly Archives: March 2014

Memories Stimulate Emotional Attachment

A Lancaster undergraduate has collaborated with Recall researchers on her final year dissertation exploring how memories can be used to trigger emotional attachment to technology deployed in public spaces. The student ran a series of experiments in which sets of photographs deliberately designed to trigger memories were shown on public displays. Participants in the study completed regular questionnaires that were designed to gauge their attitudes to the public displays. The student has recently submitted her dissertation for examination and the results of her work have been submitted to PerDis 2014.

How Can We Trust the What We See ?

When public displays are used to trigger recall there is a different trust relationship as compared to memory cuing via personal display devices. The Recall team have been exploring the extent to which viewers are able to attribute different levels of trust to different information sources viewed on the same display. This is important because public displays form an important part of our envisioned Recall architecture. This work has been submitted to PerDis 2014.